A Mini Guide to Kickstart your Freelance Voice-Over Career [e-book]

Melissa Lara Clissold
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What is this guide?

This is, as the cover says, a mini guide to kickstart your voice-over career. I have over 6 years of experience in freelance voice-over work and have worked for companies both big and small across the years. I have a 4.9/5 rating on Bionluk (the equivalent of Fiver in my country) with a total of 192 orders/jobs for clients (with 138 of them being repeat clients.)

If you'd like to listen to some of my past work, check out my portfolio here: https://www.melissaclissold.com/portfolio.html

Through this guide, I've tried to share some of the answers I was looking for when I first started as well as the answers to some questions people have asked me too! I hope you'll find it useful.

Who is it for?

This guide is for absolutely anyone who is eager to explore freelance voice-acting! This work came to me sort of by accident—and I'm glad that it did, because it opened up a new alley I didn't even know existed.

How to use it?

Read it beginning to end, skim through, that's up to you. (I promise I wasn't trying to rhyme here).

What's in it? (Content)

  • My story; a short background to how I got into my freelance voice-over career. 
  • FAQ’S; questions I asked myself (and answers that I found through trial & error.)
    • Where do I start?
    • Why do I need a demo?
    • How do I record a demo? 
    • How do I get gigs?
    • What equipment do I need? 
    • What software should I use? (How do I record my voice, and where?)
    • How do I edit my voice? (Or what in the world is EQ’ing & mixing?)
    • How do I price my work?
  • Where am I now; and where am I going?


For any errors you may spot or suggestions you may have, please email melissaclissold@gmail.com

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What's included

40+ pages content
Free future updates
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A Mini Guide to Kickstart your Freelance Voice-Over Career [e-book]

1 rating
I want this!